a game directly on the target device
during production

Eliminates the need for Unity developers to build their own debugging solutions.
Modern alternative to outdated tools like logs and breakpoints

Commands. Create custom commands to execute any methods or change variables.
jahro commands
Console. Access logs and command results.
jahro logs
Watcher. See variable values in real time.
jahro watcher

Getting Started with Jahro

Explore simplicity in action. Add a command and start testing your game

Attribute Methods as Commands in Jahro

Helps every team

No need to waste time creating custom tools. Easily simulate scenarios, pinpoint moments in the game, and test different parameters—all while in the game.

Without Jahro
benefits for developers
benefits for developers with Jahro

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  • A nice and easy to integrate cheat panel asset. No scene changes are needed, works perfectly on mobile right out of the box, removes itself from the release builds. Cheat methods can be placed in any assembly and simply marked by an attribute. The console view is surely useful, but my personal love goes to the visual view mode - those neat self-explanatory buttons are used by our QA and game designer with no need to teach them the hard console stuff. Easiest cheat/dev/debug panel ever, thank you, and waiting for more features to come!


  • Very easy to use! Automatically generated buttons sold it to me. It is way easier to use cheat codes by pressing buttons! Especially on touch screens.

    Oleksandr Bespalov

  • This is one nice cheat-panel asset here I was looking for self-starting and lightweight cheat-panel and I got it. Attributes on methods are standard for console solutions but this one creates fast and easy to use UI for them. Special thanks for the work on parameters, enums as dropdowns, range controls for numbers like in Unity - just great! I like the idea of the categories but IMHO it should be done as tabs instead of fold-out groups. Anyway, cool asset that saved me a lot of time. p.s. - good colors! :D


  • The best console I've ever seen! Very useful tool for testing. Saves a lot of time and simple in use. Thank you. Nice job!


  • I just purchased Jahro console yesterday and started using it. First off I'd like to say well done. This is exactly what I was searching for. A tool that allows me to expose commands via console and UI. Most tools do one or the other.


  • Okay, so that lib allows you do mark methods(with any number of parameters) with an attribute and they will pop up in the nice console view, so you can invoke them whenever necessary. That makes debugging and first stages of the project lifecycle waaaaaaay easier! Would be cool, if you guys made unity logs popup there too. Also, think you might want to have an editor window upon asset import, like DoTween does, so that user will not have to dig into the readme. Anyway, thanks! Hope more features would be added soon! For anyone reading this review - totally recommend this asset!